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Kiwell (Hongkong) Co., Ltd

       An immense overseas channels in our branch of Kiwell (Hongkong), fully utilize the resources of enterprise and develop overseas markets continuously, get through the whole chain of export trade, with solid and strong warehousing, providing high quality products to our customers.It is characterized of ample industry experience, and guided by value creation,Enterprise development pattern aiming at enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises, realization  the industrial automation, digital 'one-stop' service.

        Established in 2017, Kiwell(Foshan) Electric Technology Co., Ltd. With innovation, Develops rapidly with the core of serving customers. We originated as a high-tech enterprise integrating sales, technical service, engineering and R&D. Our team with professional technical experience, complete series products, we are the supplier and system integrator that providing brand intelligent manufacturing and industry digital solutions according to customer needs.



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M.D. Micro Detectors S.P.A was founded in 1971 and is principally engaged in the design and manufacture of sensors and safety equipment. The company name before 2011 is DIELL. M.D. started from a small parking garage. After 43 years of development, it has continuously achieved technical and commercial success and developed into the current company scale. I am proud and proud of the history of M.D. and the most important member of the Italian sensor technology. M.D. is now the best sensor manufacturer in Europe.

Fuji Electric was founded in 1923 for more than 90 years. In this long history, Fuji Electric has continuously innovated energy technology and made great contributions to the world in the industrial and social fields. Fuji Electric has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of low-voltage products. Fuji Electric's low-voltage products are widely used in elevator industrial automation equipment, including ceramic machinery, woodworking machinery, glass machinery and so on. Fuji Electric continues to carry out technological innovations and plays a leading role in the industry to develop original products.

Datalogic is a global technology leader in the automatic data acquisition and factory automation market, specializing in the design and production of barcode readers, mobile data terminals, sensing, measurement and security, vision systems and laser marking systems. The closeness and timely response to every customer's needs, as well as continuous innovation and high-quality products, are the foundation of Datalogic's success for more than 40 years. Delijie's cutting-edge solutions help improve the efficiency and quality of retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and medical and health processes throughout the value chain.

Eaton Group is a world-leading power management company dedicated to helping customers manage electricity, fluid power and mechanical power more effectively, safely and sustainably by providing a variety of energy-efficient and efficient solutions. As Eaton’s largest business unit, the Electrical Group is a global leader in the manufacturing and service of electrical control, power distribution, industrial control and power quality. It provides you with the best quality in design, research and development, manufacturing, applications and services. Solutions and the most advanced products.

In the 20th century, he was engaged in the power and automation management industry. In the 170 years since its establishment, Schneider Electric has encountered numerous challenges, Has made several major strategic choices, and now the group has grown into an industry leader. Control and manage regulations through automation

Optimize system energy use: use different automation systems to control energy-consuming equipment and optimize energy use, including: Building management systems, lighting control systems, motor control systems, home and residential control systems, frequency converters, etc.

WERMA is a large European signal product manufacturer and the designated supplier of German Volkswagen, RITTAL, Siemens, BOSCH, Nestle and other multinational companies. German WERMA landed in China, bringing you all kinds of world-class warning lights, signal beacons, buzzers, explosion-proof lights, and sound and light combined signal equipment! Let you no longer worry about the signal light!

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Limit type micro switch...
Limit type micro switch...
Capacitive proximity switch
Capacitive proximity switch
Application in the elevator industry
Application in the elevator industry






Structural principle and classification of fiber optic sensors
Fiber optic sensor compared to traditional sensor
BARTEC explosion-proof switch - Germany BARTEC limit type micro switch / travel switch