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Established in 2017, it is a subsidiary of Kiwell (Hong Kong) Company Limited. It is an industrial automation trading company specializing in sales and engineering design and installation. The company has a wealth of product channels and a diversified foreign trade window. It has signed an agency agreement with Japan's Fuji and Italy's M.D. sensors, and has the right to import and export. Serving more than 20 industries such as elevators, ceramics, printing and dyeing, chemicals, paper, water treatment, plastics, machine tools, petroleum, and medicine. 

Providing automation solutions for various industries to help enterprises carry out the improvement and upgrading of intelligent industrialization, which not only enhances production capacity but also increases resource efficiency, and helps industrial enterprises maintain their competitive advantage in the market.


The company is customer-oriented, service-oriented for the purpose of development, flexible business model, preferential prices, professional technology has won the full trust and support of our customers. We will be committed to creating a unified, professional, standardized, institutionalized management process, to provide customers with thoughtful and satisfactory service with a more comprehensive service system!

Founded in 2010, Hong Kong is an industrial trading company that sells imported brands. It is headquartered in Hong Kong and has a wealth of channels.


       In 2010, he signed an agent with Fuji Electric of Japan. In 2012, he signed an agent with Siemens China. In 2015, he signed an agency with M.D. of Italy.


       The company's scale has grown from a few people to 40 people today, and its performance has grown rapidly year by year. In 2017, in order to better expand its business, more than one branch company was established to optimize the agency brand, increase technical design and installation services, and import and export agency services.


Schneider Agency Certificate 2022

Fuji 2022 agency certificate