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BARTEC explosion-proof switch - Germany BARTEC limit type micro switch / travel switch

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The BARTEC explosion-proof switch is a special-purpose switch developed by the famous German company BARTEC. The company was founded in Baden-Württemberg in 1975. By providing internationally certified advanced components and systems, BARTEC has been in the process for more than 30 years. A leading position in global security engineering suppliers.
The concept of safety has changed and inspired him: the safety and health of people working in the workplace is guaranteed by safe equipment and machinery; the safety of the environment, water, air and land is guaranteed by the safe operation of industrial equipment. He founded such a company philosophy. By providing internationally certified advanced components and systems, BARTEC has taken a leading position among global safety engineering suppliers for more than 30 years.
The main products of German BARTEC products include: BARTEC explosion-proof switch, BARTEC limit micro switch, BARTEC travel switch, BARTEC humidity analyzer, BARTEC explosion-proof motor, BARTEC signal unit and indicator light, BARTEC explosion-proof junction box, BARTEC plug and socket, BARTEC control , BARTEC industrial applications monitoring, BARTEC seismometers, BARTEC infrared thermometers, Bartec Benke oil analyzers, BARTEC moisture analyzers, BARTEC mining energy and drive systems.
The BARTEC explosion-proof switch is Germany's famous explosion-proof switch, from the perspective of customer safety. BARTEC's products and solutions prevent hazardous chemicals such as flammable liquids, gases and dust from occurring in areas where explosions occur, and to maintain human safety and protect the environment. Major customers include companies from the oil and gas industry, chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical companies, and mining companies from around the world. The product portfolio includes sophisticated measurement and analysis techniques, innovative heating technology solutions for mine electrical engineering and automation, monitoring, control and communication of explosion-proof components and systems.
The BARTEC limit microswitches are used in the field of explosion-proof switching elements with limited space. They are suitable for gears especially in valves, thermostats, pushbutton switches, servo components, meters and exchange applications. The smallest pre-world d small switch is packaged in a plastic case. The clue or cable tail is potted at the base. The standard version of the BARTEC microswitch contains fine silver contacts. Other contact materials such as gold-plated silver or pure gold can be used for low current and voltage.
Examples of common models of German BARTEC switches:
BARTEC Explosion-proof switch 07-2511-1530/03
BARTEC Limit switch 07-1512-1510
BARTECLimit switch 07-2511-1530-61
BARTEC Limit type micro switch 07-2511-1430/03
BARTEC Limit type micro switch 07-2511-1630/03
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