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Fiber optic sensor compared to traditional sensor

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      Currently in the Chinese market, Bragg fiber gratings (equipped with ASE broadband sources) and distributed sensors based on optical time domain reflection are the most widely used fiber optic sensing technologies. This technology is basically well known to the industry as it meets the needs of the low-end general market. The single-band fiber laser with a spectral line width as narrow as 2 kHz and its latest generation of optical sensing technology are completely different from the fiber sensing we know now. This new technology solution is fully capable of high-end market demand for ultra-long-range, ultra-high-precision and ultra-high sensitivity in the high-end market that cannot be completed by electric fiber sensing, and this technology is still in the process of being established in China. Pre-research stage.
Compared with traditional sensing technology, fiber-based sensors have the following major advantages:
1. Light weight, compact structure and easy to use in multiple ways;
2. Resistant to harsh environment, anti-electromagnetic interference and chemical corrosion resistance;
3, no need to use electricity at the sensing point, long-distance distributed sensing;
4, low-cost mass production
      After fiber-optic communication, fiber-optic sensing also ushered in an important development opportunity. It has extensive and enormous application value in security, military, oil/gas, electric power and scientific research, especially in the developed countries in the West, and the future is limitless. The single-frequency fiber laser is used for optical sensing, and its optical principle is optical frequency time domain reflection.