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Proximity switch

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AC1 series, AM1 series, AT1 series, AK1 series, etc
All models are equipped with a steel housing for all harsh working environments. The extremely small size of the product and the high switching frequency make the detection accuracy and working stability of this type of product very high. NPN or PNP output modes are available in NO and NC logic with a 2-meter cable or M8 plug. All products are CE and UL certified.
Modi Sensors' proximity sensor product range has become one of the most competitive and complete products on the industrial automation market. The new miniature inductive sensors are currently available in shielded models that support standard detection ranges (rated sensing distance = 0.8 mm for AC1/AD1 series, rated sensing distance = 1.5 mm for AHS/AES series) and long-range sensing range (rated sensing distance = 1.5 mm for AC1/AD1 series, rated sensing distance = 2 mm for AHS/AES series)
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