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Color code sensor TL46
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Color code sensor TL46

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product description

Color code sensor TL46

High resolution, white, red light source or RGB three color light source, fast response time

It can provide excellent and accurate performance both in the ultra-high speed process and in the packaging machinery, and has the synchronous function based on the marking detection principle


Technical parameters:

Working distance 6-12mm (80mm working distance can be achieved by selecting lens accessories)

• Red, white or RGB high brightness LED light source,

• Set mark/background in automatic, manual and dynamic modes

• Spinner or teaching setting with 4-digit digital display

• Switching frequencies up to 15, 20, 25, 30 or 50 kHz

• High precision models with jitter lower than 7us

Configurable NPN/PNP output and 0-5V analog output

• Provide IP69K (S45W model) and IP67 standard metal housing



• Packaging and labeling machinery

• Food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry

• Printing machinery

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