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0.75 to 75 kW fan pump frequency converter
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0.75 to 75 kW fan pump frequency converter

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ATV212-0.75 to 75kW fan pump frequency converter
• Power Range: 0.75 to 75kW
•200... 240V 3-phase, 0.75kW to 30kW, IP 21
•380... 480V 3-phase, 0.75kW to 75kW, IP 21
•380... 480V 3-phase, 0.75kW to 75kW, UL Type 12/IP 55
• Speed range: 1:50
•Over torque capacity: 110%-60s.
• Built-in C1, C3 class EMC filter
• Built-in communication protocols cover the vast majority of market needs: Modbus, METASYS N2®, APOGEE FLN P1® and BACnet®. Optional: LonWorks
• International certification standards: UL, CSA, C-TICK, NOM
• Low harmonic technology, no need to add any harmonic reducing device (DC or AC reactor) THDI<35%
★ Focus on centralized management
• Keep track of energy consumption
• Fault detection quick response: belt breakage, pump idling, phase loss, power failure, etc
• Preventive maintenance, cost savings, optimization of equipment: fault warning, uptime, etc
• Easy integration into building management systems
★ Focus on user-friendliness
• Installation tools, parameter adjustment, monitoring functions (support 8 Chinese remote graphics terminal, multi-function downloader, Bluetooth and SoMove Mobile software).
• Compact: Easy to integrate into your system, can be installed side-by-side, and maintenance is simple
★ Focus on all-round protection
• Ongoing service guarantee
• Building-specific functions (fire mode, device monitoring, machinery protection functions, etc.)
• Built-in EMC filter, low harmonic technology (THDI<35%).
• Fans
• Pumps
• Heat and HVAC
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