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Advanced graphic touch screen, multi-touch, detached design
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Advanced graphic touch screen, multi-touch, detached design

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Magelis GTU advanced graphic touch screen, multi-touch, separate design
• TFT True Color, up to 16 million colors
•12V~24V DC power supply
•Working temperature 0°C ~ 60°C
• Dual Ethernet design, isolated RS485
• All aluminum structure package, IP67 protection
★ Wonderful screen, innovative design
• High-precision true color display up to 16 million colors
• Multi-touch support to browse the screen like a smartphone
• Modular separation design
• Front USB port, IP66 protection allows users to maintain touchscreen programs without opening the cabinet door
• Drop-off resistant design and built-in fasteners make installation easier
★ Fully protected, robust and reliable
• Suitable for 0°C-60°C wide temperature environment
• Isolated RS485 serial port for more complex grounding environments
• Housing in all-aluminum package with IP67 front panel protection for a rugged screen
★ Massive storage, plug and play
• External data storage capacity can be expanded up to 64G
• Dual pluggable enclosures for easy backup of system data
★ Powerful network, easy maintenance
• Dual Ethernet design separates IT communication data flow and PLC communication data stream to truly achieve data security
• Convenient application diagnostics, GTU can remotely diagnose client failures with the help of web gates or tools such as mobile phones/Pads
• Thanks with built-in auto-tuning, just edit one app to match all screen sizes and precision
• Open type GTU allows customers to install VJD and IDS together, and the database can be seamlessly connected
OEM industry such as pharmaceutical/packaging/rubber and plastics, EU industry such as water/metallurgy/chemical/power plant
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